Psy Interactive Privary policy


final_big_nopadding‘s Psy Interactive (Therapist & Patient)


Your privacy is important to final_big_nopadding. This privacy statement provides information about the personal information that Psy Interactive app collects, and the ways in which final_big_nopadding uses that personal information.

Personal information collection: Psy interactive (therapist & patient) does NOT collect, broadcast or use any kind of personal information over the network. All data are stored and processed localy into your device protected by the security of the operating system. These data are only accessible by the authorized users of the application.

All data exchanged via email between the therapist and the patient on their request are also encrypted and though not accessible outside the application context.

Although Psy interactive is using operating system level security and encryption techniques in order to protect sensitive personal and health data, the user is always responsible to keep his device physically protected and inaccessible to others in order to obtain maximum security and protection of personal and health data.