It all started here…

A simple but effective application that brought increased accuracy, geodetic to Cartesian coordinates transformation and projection on maps. A simple tool built to help Greek surveyors, civil engineers, and architects.


Main features and functions of GGRS87 (ΕΓΣΑ87):


app_512 Increase GPS accuracy.

– Calculate weighted average positioning.

app_512 Display and convert GPS coords to the Greek Geodetic Reference System GGRS 87 (EGSA 87 – ΕΓΣΑ 87).

– Real time while positioning.
– Key in WGS84 coords and covert to GGRS87 (ΕΓΣΑ87).

app_512 Save points to lists.

– Save and reload list of points

app_512 Calculate area.

app_512 Export point lists το:

– .txt (text file)
– .csv (point file – comma seperated)
– .kml (google earth file)
– .dxf (drawing file)

app_512 Send file via e-mail, or upload it to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

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