FindME Realtime Privacy Policy

final_big_nopadding‘s FindME Realtime


Your privacy is important to final_big_nopadding. This privacy statement provides information about the personal information that FindME Realtime app collects, and the ways in which final_big_nopadding uses that personal information.

The application does not collect or store any information or keep a history of your activity. Only your location, your identification number and the requests you make are temporarily stored on our servers and shared with the people you choose, for as long as each session is running only! We do not collect or share your personal information with anyone.

Anonymous usage statistics of the application are collected only by Google (via firebase) for statistical analysis.

This app has access to:

ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: (The application shares your location with the ones you choose from your contacts.)

READ_CONTACTS (The application reads your contacts and shows you a list of them in order to select the user you wish for a FindME request. Also, when receiving a FindME request, the application checks whether the user who made the request is in your contacts. If not, the application does not notify you in order to protect you from spam requests from people you may not know.)

READ_CALL_LOG (The application reads your latest calls and suggests these users for a FindME request.)

READ_PHONE_STATE (The application reads information of your device for authentication purposes in order to be able to restore your purchases).

READ_SEND_SMS (The application is using SMSs in order to verify your phone number. This verification is required, and is there to protect you from people pretending to be someone else).