Psy Interactive (patient)

…technology at the service of health science!

final_big_nopadding proudly presents… Psy interactive (patient). A valuable assistant for the patients of psychology professionals!

Psy interactive (patient) works in conjunction with Psy interactive (therapist) app. It is the communication channel between the therapist and the patient.

The therapist sends via encrypted email:

  • A configuration file which establishes the initial link between the applications of the patient and the therapist.
  • Techniques & worksheets. As soon as, the therapist decides to give a technique or worksheet to a patient he can simple press the “send” button into his Psy-i (therapist) app, and the technique is sent to to the patient. The patient receives the technique or worksheet into his Psy-i (patient) app, fills the forms. Then he simply presses the “send” button of his Psy-i (patient) app. The technique or worksheet returns to the therapist for review. It is kept into both the Psy-i (therapist) app of the therapist and the Psy-i (patient) app of the patient where they can recall it any time later on.
  • Sessions. When the therapist fixes a new date on his calendar for a new session with the patient, or updates an existing one, he simply selects “send Sessions to patient”.  All info are send to the patient into his Psy interactive (patient) app.

All these actions, can be performed either during a session or not.

Interaction with a patient was never so easy. final_big_nopadding is bringing technology at the service of Health science!



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