Psy Interactive (therapist)

…technology at the service of health science!

final_big_nopadding proudly presents… Psy Interactive – A valuable assistant for psychology professionals aiming to become a “cannot live without” tool!

Psy interactive is a groundbreaking application helping the therapist to fully collect organize and process all patient’s data including:

  • A complete Clinical Interview (Demographics, Previous interventions, Significant others, Medical history, Jobs, Studies, Residences, Standards of living, Interests/Activities, Moral values, Sexual life, Families, Childhood history).
  • Clinical Picture (both therapists and patients point of view).
  • Reason for visiting.
  • State of emergency record.

During the treatment process the therapist collects, and can easily access with only a click:

  • Cognitive Map (Early experiences, Rules/Assumptions/Statements, Core beliefs, Defence Mechanisms, Cognitive Distortions)
  • Requests of patient,
  • Symptoms,
  • Life events (by category),
  • Diagnoses,
  • Goals development,
  • Psychoeducation,
  • Interventions,
  • Relapse prevention,
  • Techniques & worksheets used during therapy.

All of the above are well organized, fully connected and easily accessible with just a click.

But even more, Psy interactive implements some groundbreaking new views and tools like “life timeline” and “personal statistics” graphs, providing valuable information in real time during the therapeutic process. Just try the timeline, where on a single graph you can see all the life events of the patient and extract valuable conclusions regarding interactions and influences.

Techniques & worksheets are posing a great role during therapy. At this end, we provide more than a hundred  pre-loaded  Techniques & Worksheets at the therapists service. Even more, using the embedded “Techniques generator” the therapist can either customize the provided techniques, or compose completely new ones!

While Psy interactive (therapist) works perfectly as a standalone  application, its full power is unleashed when it is used in conjunction with  Psy interactive (patient).

At any stage of the treatment process, the therapist can easily send via encrypted email one or more of the techniques forms to his patient.  The patient receives the technique  into his Psy interactive (patient) app, fills in the form, and returns it to the therapist before the next session. Everything is kept organized and is been filed appropriately. A copy of the technique is kept into both the therapist and patient applications.

Just imagine how much will it help you, to prepare the next session, when you will have the filled technique or worksheet a day or two before the upcoming session!

Last but not least, the embedded calendar will help you organize your sessions. Sessions can also be send to the patient via email.

In the mobile era, all of us in final_big_nopadding we choose to transform the way psychotherapy is performed, and  implement interaction via technology. All these just in your palm, accessible even when you are on the move.



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