Mobile Topographer Pro


Can a topographic device fit into your pocket?
Mobile Topographer now goes Pro…

Mobile Topographer Pro is an innovative app, for the professional surveyor. It is an extension of Mobile Topographer Free including all its features and many more. Use it to collect points at the field and create a drawing of the area with contours and a 3D terrain model, fast, easily, and more accurate than ever before with a handheld device.
Your first step into the GIS world.


Main features and functions of Mobile Topographer Pro:

Only in Pro:

app_512 3D Terrain modeling & contours

– Collect terrain data.
– Create a 3D terrain model.
– Create contours.
– Export data, 3D terrain model and contours in .txt, .csv, .kml, .db, .dxf files.

app_512 Route Tracking

– Collect data as you move.
– Pause resume function.
– Calculate statistical data of the track and each leg of it.
– Duration – Time.
– Distance – Length.
– Minimum – Maximum – Average height – Height covered.
– Minimum – Maximum – Average velocity.
– Export data and calucation in .txt, .csv, .kml, .db, .dxf files.

app_512 Real time projection on Google Maps while “Surveying” and “Drive me”.

app_512 Map survey

– Complete a survey without even going to the field.
– Insert, modify or delete points directly on the map.
– Map survey can also be used to correct or make additions to an existing survey.

app_512 Import points

– Import points from a data file.
– Text files (.txt, .csv) and Shape files (.shp) are supported.
– WGS84 file format or selected Local Coordinates Reference System format.
– Fields selection.
– Delimiter of text file selection.

app_512 Export points to:

– .txt (text file)
– .csv (point file – comma seperated)
– .kml (google earth file)
– .gpx (GPS Exchange format)
– .dxf (drawing file)
– .shp, .shx, .dbf (Shape files)

app_512 Group points

– Divide your list of points in groups depending on point names.
– Filter list of points view by naming groups.
– Export list of points with group division.
– Select the contents of the exported lists of points.

app_512 Weather data

app_512 Swipe from left to view satellites in sky view while surveying.

app_512 Device elevation

app_512 Area, perimeter, number of vertices of a plot

app_512 Manually edit the coordinates of a point on the list

– Directly key in the label, the coordinates and the height of a point.
– Drag & drop a point to its new position on the maps.

app_512 View the GNSS satellites in an Augmented Reality View

– Turn your device to any direction and locate visible satellites on the physical background.

app_512 Fully functional even without internet connectivity

app_512 Google Maps v2

app_512 Increased accuracy

Plus the well known features of Mobile Topographer Free:

app_512 Increase GPS accuracy using:

– Weighted averaging (on every axis).
– Map calibration.
– Device calibration on map, or on a know point.
– Auto stop for accurate positioning.

app_512 Display and convert GPS geodetic to cartesian EN coordinates and back:

– Real time conversion from geodetic (Latitude, Longitude) to Cartesian (E, N, Z, orthometric Height) and vise verse.

app_512 Examine the satellites above you in a sky view.

app_512 Signal strength and number of satellites indication for each GNSS constellation individually.

app_512 Multiple units support:

– Metres,
– International feet,
– US survey feet.

app_512 Height calculation:

– Ellispoidal height.
– EGM96 orthometric height calculation.

app_512 Convert from geodetic to cartesian coordinates and back:

– Support for device measured points, or
– Manualy input of geodetic or cartesian coords.

app_512 Drive me:

– Key in coordinates of the target point in either geodetic or cartesian coordinates, or select a point from the list and follow the pointer.
– Compass indicating both magnetic and true North.

app_512 Project on Map:

– Project individual points on any map application.
– Project list of points, and the defined polygon, on embeded Google maps.

app_512 Save multiple point lists, to use them later.

app_512 Calculate distance and azimuth.

app_512 Calculate area.

app_512 Export point lists το:

– .txt (text file)
– .csv (point file – comma seperated)
– .kml (google earth file)
– .gpx (GPS Exchange format)
– .dxf (drawing file)

app_512 Send file via e-mail, or upload it to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

app_512 Complete help text support.

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