Mobile Topographer Free


Can a topographic device fit into your pocket?

Mobile Topographer Free is an innovative app, for surveyors, and people who want to make a draft plan of their property. Use it to collect points at the field and create a drawing of the area fast, easily, and more accurate than ever before with a handheld device.

Your first step into the GIS world.


Main features and functions of Mobile Topographer Free:


app_512 Increase GPS accuracy using:

– Weighted averaging (on every axis).
– Map calibration.
– Device calibration on map, or on a know point.
– Auto stop for accurate positioning.

app_512 Display and convert GPS geodetic to cartesian EN coordinates and back:

– Real time conversion from geodetic (Latitude, Longitude) to Cartesian (E, N, Z, orthometric Height) and vise verse.

app_512 Examine the satellites above you in a sky view.

app_512 Signal strength and number of satellites indication for each GNSS constellation individually.

app_512 Multiple units support:

– Metres,
– International feet,
– US survey feet.

app_512 Height calculation:

– Ellispoidal height.
– EGM96 orthometric height calculation.

app_512 Convert from geodetic to cartesian coordinates and back:

– Support for device measured points, or
– Manualy input of geodetic or cartesian coords.

app_512 Drive me:

– Key in coordinates of the target point in either geodetic or cartesian coordinates, or select a point from the list and follow the pointer.
– Compass indicating both magnetic and true North.

app_512 Project on Map:

– Project individual points on any map application.
– Project list of points, and the defined polygon, on embeded Google maps.

app_512 Save multiple point lists, to use them later.

app_512 Calculate distance and azimuth.

app_512 Calculate area.

app_512 Export point lists to:

– .txt (text file)
– .csv (point file – comma seperated)
– .kml (google earth file)
– .gpx (GPS Exchange format)
– .dxf (drawing file)

app_512 Send file via e-mail, or upload it to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

app_512 Complete help text support.

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