FindME Realtime

You are now visible!!!

FindME Realtime is an easy and fast way to find your friends and colleagues without the hustle of numerous calls and messages. Whether you are scheduling a meeting or trying to find your friends in a crowded place, you now have a powerful, tool to share your location and see the location of your selected friends only for as long as needed! Let your friends, family or business contacts to know you are on your way or set a group to meet your friends at a specific meeting point or while on the move! You are always in control since you choose who sees you and for how long. Only people in your contacts can request a FindME and you can easily decline a request if you wish! Above all, your privacy is safe! The application does not collect or store any information or keeps a history of your activity. Only your location, your phone and the requests you make are temporarily stored on our servers and shared with the people you choose, for as long as each session is live! We do not collect or share your personal information with anyone.

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